Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blood work results

OK  my nursing friends, tell me what these numbers mean and if I should be concerned...

Liver Panel AST (SGOT) - 12 (range is 15-37)
Urinalysis: Protein - 30 mg/dL (s/b negative)
                Ketones - trace (s/b negative)
                EPITH - moderate (s/b negative)
Basic Metabolic Profile:  CO2 - 33.40 (s/b 21-32)
LDL - 148.20 (s/b < 130)
Total cholesterol - 223 (s/b <200)

On the good side, my Hemoglobin A1C was 5.9, which is excellent control for a diabetic.

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Pat said...

You can google "blood test results" and actual tests and it explains what each blood test means.

I have to visit my dr. within this next month since I'm back in my hometown area. She always runs bloodwork. I dread to see what my A1C blood results will be. I am on a cholesterol pill - my cholesterol was just a little over 200, but dr. felt that having diabetes that it was a good idea to be on pills.