Friday, July 9, 2010

Psychology Test

OK - take this test but don't scroll down to see what your answers mean until you answer the question. OK?

Here we go...

1.  You're out walking in the forest and you come upon an animal. What is it?

2. What does the animal do when it sees you?

3. You walk a little farther and find a house. What kind/style of house is it?

4.  Where is it located - in a clearing or still in the midst of the woods?

5.  Does it have a fence?

6.  You look inside a window and what do you see?

7.  You walk around to the back of the house. What do you see in the back yard?

The results:
#1 is your fears (size of the animal is relative to the fears - big or little, as in big like a bear or little like a squirrel) .(Side note - Ron and I did this separately and we both said a squirrel.)
#2 is what your fears do (i.e. - the animal runs away, your fears don't stick around; animal stays and your fears are with you a lot, too). (Side note - Ron and I both said the squirrel was eating his nuts and didn't leave. How strange is that?)
#3 - the style of house correlates to your personality - big house, strong personality; small house, a less intrusive personality. I chose gingerbread cottage which indicates that I'm fragile right now.
#4 - if it's in the forrest or in a clearing means if you can get away from it (the clearing) or if it's always there (the forrest).
#5 - if it has a fence, you're more guarded around others. Without a fence, you're more open.
#6 - this is what is going on now. I said Hansel and Gretel, so since they were getting ready to see the bad witch, it indicates unsettling thoughts. (go figure on that one)
#7 - this is what you see in your future. The type of animal represents either fears or peacefullness. I saw deer grazing, which indicated that I see peaceful time ahead.

Kind of freaky but very interesting. I know that based on your emotional state that your answers to personality tests can change from one time to the next. This little test was pretty accurate in that I have fears that are with me almost constantly but I do see the future is going to get better.

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vaspillman said...

that was interesting! I said racoon...that scurried away. the house was a log cabin in the woods, no fence. there was a rabbit in the back yard. lol thats pretty funny! lol