Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too tired to post...

But, I'll get caught up one of these days. Right now, I'm packing a bag to take to the hospital tomorrow in case Ron is transferred to rehab. He has to have at least five days worth of clothes and his own toiletries. He didn't really have five days worth of "in public" things that he could put on by himself so I had to go visit JC Penney tonight. They're having a sale but even at that, their "sale" prices aren't what they used to be. I saved a lot of money but still spent over $100 just on things that he'd be able to manage on his own.

I know I'm not supposed to worry about the financial end of it, but when I'm staring all the co-pays and deductibles in the face - PLUS the fact that insurance only certifies on a weekly basis AND they think they'll send him home in about two weeks AND I'll have to take him back daily for prosthetic training (when it gets in - 4-6 weeks from now) AND it's a long round-trip to make twice a day (to work, back home, to the rehab center, back home, to work, back home) every day AND there's no transportation to Derby unless I can afford to pay $30 each way - payable in advance - it's awfully hard to not worry about the financial end of it.

And, then to worry that he'll be home alone while I'm at work trying to keep my job - well, the whole thing just overwhelms me and I am to the point right now that I don't know how I'm going to cope or even face tomorrow.

And, I had to spend money I wasn't planning on spending (that was being saved for something else).

So, I'm in a big funk tonight. No good company for anyone - not even myself.


SkippyMom said...

Please get some sleep. We will get this figured out. Promise.

Love ya darling.

Pat said...

Breathe. Pray. One day at a time. Remember? Everything will work out.

Donna B said...

Hang in there kiddo. You HAVE To get some sleep. I agree with Skippy and Pat. Good advice. Only by the Grace of God do we get through times such as yours. God Bless you and keep on, keeping on. Don't lose faith. I can relate to funky moods...but you are one strong woman. I believe in you!

Rae said...

Believe it or not, things have a way of working themselves out. You will figure it out. It is good to know that Ron is getting along well enough that a transfer is already imminent. hang in there girl. ((Hugs))