Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Shower

Had a "semi-sort-of" surprise shower for Amy last night. I started getting cold feet yesterday morning that she wasn't going to be able to get to our house in time or that she'd be too tired to come or that she'd do something in typical Amy fashion... dawdle! So, I told Ron to call her and put a bug in her ear about it. Seems like Rex had had the same thoughts so he put one there, too. We didn't tell the guests that she knew and I didn't let on like "I" knew she knew until everyone left. She had a great time, though. She hadn't had a shower with her first marriage and I wanted something special for her.

I bought the little "bride veil" that you get when girls are having a bachelorette party - it says "I do" in hot pink all around the bottom. I put that on her head as soon as she came in the door.

I got her a koosie that said "I'm the Bride, that's why!"

We played three games - name the cake, how many words can you make from "wedding shower," and how well does the bride know the groom. Everyone had a blast with those, but the best "game" was when we read the problems and solutions that each of the guests had written down for Amy. When they came in, I gave each one a card for the problem and a card for the solution. Once they were all written down, we mixed up the cards and had each person draw one problem and one solution - and then read them out loud. The "advice" for the presented problems was quite amusing.

I think Amy had a very memorable shower. I think her favorite gift was this one:

OK, so I'm kidding. I had her open that one first and said it was for Jamaica. LOL! We all got a good laugh out of that one.

I got her cake from a local bakery called Bagatelle's and they have the best French pastry and food. The cake was a Strawberry Chantilly Cream and was delicious! And, it was beautiful to boot.

All in all, it was a great night. She got some really cute stuff, some a bit naughty and some definitely nice.


TinaM said...

That's so nice you all gave her such a memorable shower! Sounds like it was a blast :)
(Not to mention, maybe just what YOU needed too!)

SkippyMom said...

You're a good Momma. Sounds like a very fun shower.

I love the pic' of Amy. She is so pretty - what a great smile!

Try to relax a bit because you have a busy week coming up! [like, who am I telling, right?

Love ya!

Marla said...

What fun!! I agree with Skippy. You are a good mama!