Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staples NOT out

I was premature in my comment on those. The doctor likes to leave them in a full month, especially with diabetics. He wants to make sure the incision has healed completely.

Ron is really working very hard. The therapist had to tell  him to take it easy today - he was obviously very tired and she told him he could continue his work tomorrow. His left knee, which now has to support his whole body, has given out a couple of times on him. He's concerned that it won't hold up to the strain it's under. We already knew that he was probably going to need surgery on it but we were trying to get his right foot healed up first.

Ron was so tired tonight that I only stayed 45 minutes. He could barely keep his eyes open while he was talking to me. LOL - I gave him a kiss goodnight and said I'd see him tomorrow. He's had a few visitors this week and has enjoyed visiting with everyone. His days are so busy though that by the time he winds down in the evening, he's exhausted.

I get home and by the time I've done a few things (some nights, very few things), the evening is gone and it's bedtime. I don't know where my evenings go. I'm working hard on "letting go" and "letting God" but it's a struggle. I enjoyed going to church on Sunday with Keith and Ron's had at least two visitors from there to see him. That's more than he had from our old church in a whole year. Sad, but true.

I'm trying to find someone to help do some changes in the bathroom to make it safer for him. Called our builder to see if he or one of his contractor guys were available but I haven't heard back. Oh well... I've got a whole week to get it fixed. No biggie, right???? WRONG! LOL - it'll happen when it happens. No sense in worrying over it. I've got bigger fish to think about.


skippymom said...

been thinking about you girlie...looks pretty positive, but it is going to be hard, i know, for ron to put pressure on one leg like that. but he can do it, right? he has done so much before now - he can do this too.

love you and happy thoughts, prayers with you.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are right, don't stress! Take it day by day and it will all fall together like it is supposed to. You are an inspiration to all of us!

Pat said...

Is there anyone at church who can help you - either with the upgrade in the bathroom or just visiting Ron during the day?

Does sound like Ron is recovering fast, and that's such a good thing!

Marla said...

Letting go can be so hard but we need to practice it daily, right?