Sunday, May 30, 2010

By Chance?

Yesterday, Ron and I rode the Branson Scenic Railway and enjoyed a prime rib dinner in an authentic dining car. The ride lasted about two hours and we saw some really nice scenery along the ride. There were four people to each table and our "table mates" were a young couple from Denver, CO. They'd never been to Branson before and were having a great time.

Ron and I rode backwards for the first half of the ride and then got to ride facing forward on the return trip. I took a Meclizine before we left just in case the "sway" of the train would be too much for me. The vertigo is much better today than yesterday, and yesterday was much better than Friday. I'm so glad!

The table on our left had a young couple, probably around the age of the couple at our table, and then a couple who appeared to be closer to our age. The young couple seemed to be listening more to the conversation than participating in it. The older man was definitely doing most of the talking. Because I only hear out of my left ear, and he was to my left, his voice was just about all I heard for the whole ride out. After dinner their table mates left and went to explore some of the other cars on the train. The Denver couple also left to do some exploring. Ron and I stayed there (for obvious reasons) and the remaining couple also stayed there.

The other table in our car (four people who boarded together) also left the area, so it was pretty quiet without all the extra taking going on. Without anyone at their table to talk to, the couple turned their attention to us. They actually were very nice. Ron wanted to stand up to stretch his legs and the man helped him stand and then helped him sit back down. Since I was against the wall, it was really hard for me to get out and help Ron up and down. We chatted quite a while about different things and have a lot in common. I think they're actually younger than I first guessed - the man just looked a bit older (lol - he's probably younger than me but I'm terrible at guessing ages, especially in men). His wife is definitely younger than I first guessed. They met online and have been married 10 years. They're from Moore, OK and we got to talking about tornadoes and such.

After chatting a bit about weather and life in general, they asked a bit about Ron and his condition (it was obvious that he has issues) and the man asked if we were Christians. We said yes and he asked if he could pray for Ron. We never turn down prayers on our behalf, so we said that would be very nice. He said that he just felt drawn to Ron and impressed to pray for him and for God to keep His hand on him.

We didn't get his name - which is a shame - but I believe that our meeting was ordained and was not by chance at all. So, Mr. Mystery man... thanks for the prayer and for the encouraging words you gave to Ron. I know he appreciated it and was touched by your kindness.


Pat said...

Sounds like you were destined to meet. And all prayers help, right?

Kathy said...

That is so cool. :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am more and more convinced that not much happens by chance.