Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm so dizzy...

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning
Like a whirlpool, it's never ending
  (lyrics Vic Reeves)

So, today is another "song" day. Too bad it's not a better one. Took Ron to see the surgeon this morning and although the news wasn't terrible, it wasn't great either. He was pleased with how the foot looks and has switched up everything. He wants Ron to use the whirlpool daily and to soak it one other time, so that means that I have to change the dressing twice a day. I don't have enough stuff to do a 2x daily dressing so I guess I'll try to get the prescription for wound care increased to cover the extra supplies. He also ordered Silvadene to put in the wound - put a slab of it on a 4x4 and just slap it in the wound. The had a great big jar at the surgeon's office. I was expecting a substantial amount. Nope, I got 30 gms - which is enough for maybe 3-4 dressing changes. This is $5 for that amount. Now, if they call in 60-120 gms - it's still $5 because that's what generic prescriptions cost us.

Bad news part of the visit is that Ron will for sure have more surgery in about a month. Doc plans on taking out more bone (if still showing signs of infection) and cleaning up the margins. He said if this treatment does not work, the only alternative is to amputate about mid-calf. That would be horrific for us. Ron would just about be wheel-chair bound because with only 1/2 foot on the left, it would make it really hard for him to learn how to use a prosthesis.

Tonight's escapade in "the adventures of the whirlpool" left me nauseated and wiped out. Amy got here to get Isaiah and I promptly sent her to the convenience store to get me some 7-Up. That is about the only thing I can keep down when I'm that sick to my stomach. Leaning over the tub to clean it really well, then rinse it, and then starting the water again made the whole room spin, spin, spin. I just wanted to crawl into bed but I had to wait until he'd done the whirlpool, plus I had to help him in and help him back out. I think I need one of those foot baths that you fill, plug in, and run the motor to get a "whirlpool" for just the feet. I might check Target or WalMart and see how much $$ they are. It would be worth the investment. I just can't lean over like that twice a day and get that sick from the vertigo/nausea.

Speaking of vertigo... not sure when I'm going to get in and get that checked out. I keep thinking it's going to go away - but it's still there. I just am better at not moving in ways that I know aggravate it. LOL - except tonight. I'm still feeling the effects of that.

I filed a claim to cancel our travel to Seattle. The gave us a letter that said Ron shouldn't travel for one month. The insurance company who has the travel insurance is making us jump through hoops to file a claim. They said the letter "might" be sufficient to get a refund. Huh? What's the purpose of travel insurance if you can't make it work for you? We'll see. I will get a second letter from our primary care physician if I have to.

Instead, we're going to drive to Branson and spend a couple of nights there. That's not really traveling because he'll be in a controlled environment (my car) and not exposed to other germs (like in the airport bathroom) and I will be there to change his dressing twice. I don't know what we'll do once we get there, but we'll have a relaxing weekend. I need to figure out some discount tickets to a show or something. Maybe Baldknobbers or Shepherd of the Hills.Something... I'll see if I can't find something.

Anyhoo... now I'm going to take this tired body and go to bed. I've had all the excitement for one evening that I can stand. You all have a great day tomorrow and I will, too!


Wallene said...

I have one of those foot bath thingys - I only used it once, but I don't know if it would be forceful enough for Ron.

I will happily send it to you tomorrow and you can try it okay? If you can wait for Friday or Saturday to get it - I know that is a long wait, but it might save you a bit of money.

Let me know. And keep the faith sweetie. We are praying and sending good thoughts that they won't have to amputate and that you will feel better soon.

Wallene said...

PS - obviously "Wallene" is me, Skippy! LOL...sorry about that, still haven't fixed it, arggggh.