Thursday, May 20, 2010

Say "No" to the Dress

Amy and I went wedding dress shopping on Sunday afternoon. We had a blast. I've already posted my dress, but I've been waiting for Rex to tell his siblings that he's getting married AND they're invited AND it's only four months away AND it will be very out-of-town. Go figure.

I love to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and if I had oodles of money - and nothing better to do with it - I would so sweep my girl up and take her to Kleinfelds. But, alas - I have no money and no ability to purchase anything along the lines of Kleinfelds dresses. She had to buy her own wedding dress. Both times. {sigh} She doesn't mind and a lot of girls buy their own dresses. I did. LOL - both times! I even paid for my own wedding - again, both times. But, moms have dreams about giving their little girls a beautiful wedding and we've not been in a position to do so. Amy is quite happy to give herself what she wants, and we're good with that.

Dress 1: Amy wanted something "flowy" that would be suitable for a beach wedding. She doesn't want a train and she doesn't want a veil. She's already had both.

In the first picture, she's showing that someone got make-up on it. How do you get make-up on the FRONT of a gown? We couldn't figure it out.

Dress #2: I thought this dress looked better than the first, but she was not too happy that they all made her look like she was wearing a sack. Well, that is "flowy" - they're unstructured.

Dress #3: We both loved how this looked - more structured and the top was really quite lovely on her shoulders.

Dress #4: We also both liked this, but it was slightly tight. She could breathe but they would probably have to order one in for her. No time for that.

Dress #5: This dress was really pretty, too but still not quite "there" for her.

Dress #6: This one was stunning, and could have a permanent bustle put in, but we were afraid that it wouldn't travel well and we'd end up with one big wrinkled "ball" in Jamaica.

Dress #7: Now, we're getting there. This was much closer to what she was looking for. Flow, fit, and flattering.

Dress #8: The alterations guy, Chad, said he was going to bring her a dress - one that she probably wouldn't think of on her own but it had all the elements of what she wanted, plus the train was totally detachable. Great for pictures but not something she'd have to wear the whole time. It attached to the neck in back. We absolutely LOVED this look on her and it was almost "THE" one.

Dress #9: She really, really liked it but had a few more in there and wanted to make sure that she didn't leave any stone unturned. So, she tried on this one, which was a runner up for "the" one, as well. Since she loved this one and the previous one equally, she opted to try on the remaining dresses (4-5) to see. If she didn't like any of them any better than she liked these two, she'd choose between them.

Dress #10: Another contender. The front was nice but the back was a little dressy for her and she didn't think it could be permanently bustled.

Dress #11: This is THE one. She put it on and walked out, and her whole countenance changed. You could tell she was having the "this is my dress" moment. It was priceless! Here she is in it... Sshhh - don't tell her I posted it!

She said, "this is it; I'm done!" Chad got down and showed her how he could do a permanent bustle and she said it was it; she'd found her dress. She was able to take it with her and then will go back by August 1 to have it altered. They said it would take about two weeks, which is plenty of time.

We also did some shopping for hair pieces. Since she's not wearing a veil, she wanted something pretty in her hair. She'll be beautiful!

I can't wait to post wedding pictures.


Marla said...

I can't believe they allowed you to take pictures. Our bridal shop freaked when I pulled out the camera. Love this post!

Kathy said...

I remember how exciting that day was! So much fun. I'm sure it's gorgeous.

Alerations said...

How fun. Loved the pics of all the dresses. Enjoy the journey