Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Memories

I'm working on having a good time, really I am. But... the weekend is not going too smoothly and it's only Friday. Ron is miserable. He slept off and on during the drive down, slept all night, and slept most of the day. The hotel has been fabulous, though. We started out in a regular room with two double beds. That was impossible for him to get into the bathroom on the scooter and no way could he walk it. Plus the toilet was normal height and no place to grab to help himself up.

So, I asked to move to a handicap room (should have requested one in the first place but when I asked questions about them I was led to believe that the other rooms would have enough space for the scooter). So, I tipped the first bellman (who took us to the 3rd floor) $5 to help, then I tipped the housekeeping lady $7 for all the trips she made getting linen, a refrigerator (to the 3rd floor and then to the 1st floor), and I tipped the second bellman $5 for moving us to the 1st floor and taking out the chair/ottoman and moving in a recliner. We finally got to bed; him in the recliner and me in the bed. I didn't sleep very well but he did; said the recliner was wonderful and that we need one.

I bought hamburgers and fries from the sports bar last night and they were wonderful. Neither of us could finish our burger or our fries. This morning I ordered room service because he wasn't in any shape to go anywhere. Ron had biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and sausage. He said it was delish. I had cinnamon/raisin French toast and bacon. They were awesome. I did talk him into going out earlier today to visit the Dinosaur Museum. It was fairly interesting (kind of cheesy) and not too expensive ($22.50 to total). We had a TCBY yogurt for "lunch" but mine was not even a full cone. LOL - it was hollow and once I ate the top off, I could see to the bottom of the cone. I don't think it was supposed to be that way. Oh well - less calories that way. It was sugar free, fat free Mt. Blackberry flavor. Very good...

After that, I decided that we'd go check out a craft mall I saw on the map so off we go. The hilly and winding roads are very difficult to navigate when you're dizzy and I was very dizzy today (thought about the ER even). I got there and Ron decided he didn't want to get out of the car - so off we go, back to the hotel. We got here about 1:00 and he slept until 5:00. I made him get up at 5:00 to get ready for dinner and the Paul Revere and the Raiders show.

We went to Andy Williams' Moon River restaurant to eat (expensive and not that great) and then went to Andy Williams' theater to see the show. Bob Anderson opened up (I'd never heard of him; guess I'm too young - LOL!) and he performed about an hour. The show was a bit cheesy (LOL - there's that term again) but it was good. Some of the music they played I recognized and some I did not. Ron remembered it all as it was his "era" and he actually played some of the music when he had his bands.

Tomorrow, we will be staying inside in the morning and then (hopefully) Ron will feel like getting out in the afternoon. He wants to go to the IMAX but I'm not sure the dizzy girl can handle it. We'll see. We have tickets to ride the Branson Scenic Railway at 5:00 (it's a 2 hour trip and includes dinner) so I hope he feels up to it. His right foot is really swollen and his leg is hot to the touch. That has me quite concerned. He doesn't seem to be running a fever but the foot is definitely a concern. I have him propped up in the recliner with his foot higher than his heart and I put the tubigrip back on his leg after I changed his dressing.

He said this is his last trip. He's just too uncomfortable and does not want me to have to work so hard for him to have the experience when he's just as happy staying home. But, that's not something I'm ready to do. I just don't want him to feel forced, but I also don't want to have to work so hard to enjoy a mini-vacation. It's just not worth it. My thumb hurts like hell (tendonitis), I'm still dizzy, and lifting him, the scooter, and all the stuff is just about more than I can quickly bounce back from.

I will post pictures later. I don't have the energy tonight to edit them for posting. I have a couple on Facebook of Ron that I posted as a joke. He thought they were funny.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Wallene said...

At least the hotel was accomodating and very nice of you to tip so handsomely - I know the people that helped you really appreciated it [I use to work in a hotel in the Marketing office and you would be surprised at what people would demand, be rude and then not tip - argh. But I liked my job] Although I know that was a lot of money for you.

Sorry you didn't get to go to the craft mall - it must be so frustrating to put all the effort into getting there and then have him want to go back. And I hate driving on really windy roads that I haven't been on before, but with vertigo? You are a brave [crazy] woman lol!

I hope today is a better day - although the food sounds delish [biscuits and gravy made me droooool, yum] I will be thinking of you both, good thoughts!! and can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.

Take care sweetie. We are off to go bathing suit shopping because our pool opens [for the season] at 11 am - wheeeehaw! :D ~SkippyMom~

Kathy said...

Hope you are enjoying what you can. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Pat said...

Glad you were able to switch rooms. At least Ron can get some sleep, which in turn, means you SHOULD be able to sleep!

We didn't care for Branson when we traveled through the a few years ago. Thought it was too commercialized. Of course, the weekend we were there, so were 30,000 veterans (unbeknown to us prior to booking the dates) so it was CROW-DED!!! Maybe we'd give it another chance, but not right away!