Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dressing Change 101

I think I found a way to make it through the dressing change.

Step 1:   Take a Xanax and wait 15 minutes.
Step 2:   While waiting, gather supplies:
                      4 x 4 pads
                      Dakin solution
                      Trash bag
Step 3:   "Fluff" up and put to soak 4-5 4 x 4 pads into the Dakin solution.
Step 4:   Get the foot stool, move the scooter, and lay out all the supplies.
Step 5:   Oops... get the gloves.
Step 6:   Take a deep breath and begin cutting the old dressing away.
Step 7:   Pull the dressing off, pull the packing out, and pretend that it's just an everyday thing to see a gaping hole in someones foot.
Step 8:    Use a Dakin-infused 4 x 4 to clean around the foot.
Step 9:    Wipe the tweezers down with a Dakin-infused 4 x 4 to clean them. Same with the scissors.
Step 10:   Drop the scissors - start over with them.
Step 11:  Using the tweezers, "stuff" the hole with one fluffed 4 x 4 - preferably without gagging.
Step 12:  Using the tweezers, pad another fluffed 4 x 4 on the outside of the first.
Step 13:  Wrap the Kerlix around, and around, and around... oops... unwrap...
Step 14:  Place a hunk of clean, dry 4 x 4 pads on top of the wet ones.
Step 15:  Wrap the Kerlix around, and around, and around until the foot is totally wrapped.
Step 16:  Using the "Cohesive Flexible Bandage" (the cheap stuff from the animal supply store), wrap the foot so the Kerlix doesn't come off.
Step 17:  Put a sock on the whole thing so he doesn't lose the dressing during the night.

Clean up:  Tie up the bag of trash, put away the supplies, and put away the foot stool.

Top it all off with a drink. Diet 7-Up or Diet Coke? hmmm - not sure!


SkippyMom said...

Sorry - I scrolled right through this. I am still gagging from the last one. but I want to [somehow] show support!! :D

I hope you are okay [I am SO sending you margarita mix ;D] and Ron is doing well.

Let me know if you need to chat.

Love ya!

Marla said...

You are AMAZING!