Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Appointment results

Dr. Moussa is a very good doctor but sometimes he is a little abrupt. Maybe that's what Ron needs; I don't know. He told Ron that he was killing himself and that he had to take charge of the situation and do something about it. Ron agreed that things needed to change and resolves to work harder on staying on the strict eating and drinking plan.

Dr. Moussa cut his fluid intake in half (from 64 oz to 32 oz) and that includes all fluids - milk, water, juice, etc. It's going to be hard for him as being diabetic he is thirstier. He also banned all sodium in Ron's diet (that is hard to do but we're trying). Ron had been on 2000 mg sodium a day; doctor wants it as close to zero as we can get. It is virtually impossible but I think we can get under 1000 mg per day.

Ron is to increase his Lasix for five days to 80 mg in the morning and 80 mg in the early afternoon. On Monday he'll need to have additional blood work to see how his kidneys are doing. His blood results from last week show his potassium is on the rise, which is a bad thing.

When we left Ron was pretty discouraged. He said what he got out of the appointment is that he's dying. I said if he didn't change things that he would probably be correct. We're going to work on this together.

He was off to a good start with sodium-free cereal with 1/2 cup of milk. He's planning on fruit and fresh veggies for lunch. I'll fix the chicken and veggies tonight for dinner (without added salt).

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