Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The medical stuff

Here’s a quick update on both Ron and I. God truly has His hands on us and I am very thankful!

Me… My heart cath yesterday was pretty uneventful. They gave me enough Versed to make me not realize too much of what was going on. They gave me the first dose and gave it time to relax me. The nurse asked how I felt and I said that I was way too aware of things and that was not enough. They gave me a second dose (same size as the first). I remember telling Dr. Francisco that “it” hurt and I assume that was when he created the opening for the catheter tube. Then I said it hurt again and he said that it shouldn’t because it was numbed. I said, “Too bad, it did.” That’s the last I remember. LOL!

Ron obviously couldn’t be there and Amy had meetings so she was late getting there, so our pastor was there during the test and the doctor gave him the news. I have no evidence of heart disease and my heart is a normal size, with good muscle tone. I have elevated blood pressure which he said was very treatable. I’m sure a lot of the blood pressure problems are the ongoing stress. I never had BP problems until this year after Ron started having so many more problems.

I came home about 4:00 yesterday and spent the evening resting. Our pastor’s wife brought over dinner, which was very nice (spaghetti with homemade sauce). I did Ron’s IV about 8:00 last night and rested some more. When he got into the shower I started laying out his clothes and felt a “pop” in my leg, followed by excruciating pain in my leg – so bad I thought I was going to throw up (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance). We ended up calling 911 because that’s the instructions I had been given – mild pain normal and OK, sudden severe pain call 911. They checked me out and said I probably pulled a stitch and didn’t think I needed to be transported unless I wanted to. With Ron going in this morning for his foot surgery I opted to go to bed and see what happened. Obviously, they were correct and I am fine but it was nice to be told so. I didn’t know what to expect so the unexpected was startling.

I got up twice last night with some pain but not anything that concerned me.

On to Ron… We got to the hospital at a wonderful hour of the morning – for roosters! 5:30 am was his check-in. They had him wheeled to the pre-op room by 6:40 this morning. Dr. Heady came out about 8:45 to say the surgery went well and that Ron’s foot doesn’t look too bad. He has a 3 cm tunnel along the plantar side of the foot from the heel toward the toes. He cleaned that out and wants the home health nurses to pack that tunnel with white granulofoam in addition to using the silver foam on the main wound.

He was back in his room by 11:00 and sitting up in bed. His foot is draining quite a bit, which is good (the wound VAC is catching it). We came home about noon and he’s resting in his recliner with his foot elevated.

I’m resting, too because I’m beat. I plan on going back to work tomorrow so trying to get rested up today.

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