Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ugh! More blood

I don't know what made me notice that Ron's "diaper" bandage was bloody, but something made me look down as he was transferring into his chair. It had soaked through the wound vac dressing, through the bulky wrap, through the exterior wrap and into the diaper.

I was in the process of hooking up his IV when we saw it so I continued with the infusion and put a call in for the foot specialist to call me back. He had me turn off the wound vac and put a wet-to-dry bandage on it. Basically, I had to remove the dressing and the sponge portion of the wound vac. The foot was incredibly bloody and had a definite odor. Yuck! I was not expecting to quite be assaulted by the smell.

After getting his foot all cleaned up, I re-dressed by putting silver infused calcium alginate in the hole (which actually looks lots better), followed by wet gauze pads. I wrapped that whole thing up in bulky Kerlix, added a diaper for good measure, and then another roll of bulky. His foot looks lovely but I don't think it will bleed all through those layers by tomorrow. I hope...

I'll check it in the morning while I'm doing the IV and redress if I need to. Dr. Heady wants to see Ron tomorrow afternoon. He's not sure what's causing the bleeding but wonders if there's a capillary that is not cauterized well enough and it is being suctioned with the vac.

We'll just have to see.

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