Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to the hospital

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for us, or in this case, back to the hospital for additional surgery. Dr. Heady isn’t thrilled with the amount of healing one portion of Ron’s foot is showing so he’s decided to re-do the surgery. He’ll irrigate and debride a “hole” in the foot that tunnels along the outer edge of the foot. It’s my understanding that he’ll open that area up, clean it out, and then re-attach the wound vac to encourage the area to heal.

I’m averaging missing about 10 hours a week of work. It’s getting pretty expensive. $20 co-pays for each office visit really can add up. I also found out the doctor’s office charges us $108 to change the dressing, and I provide the dressing material! It’s amazing that the charge is so high. I don’t know yet how much insurance is actually paying for the wound vac and dressing material, so I could be paying a lot in the long run.

Since I can’t take any Metformin two days prior to my heart cath, the day of the procedure, and for two days after, my sugar has been up a bit. I’m extremely tired and I think it must be because it’s up there. I ate lunch hours ago and it’s still 215 (just checked it). I don’t know what to eat tonight to keep it down. I’m used to running in the mid-100’s so I’m g-r-o-g-g-y right now.

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