Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going to a hotel

Our a/c just has problems - plain and simple. I called the builder today to tell him how things were going (as per his request) and he decided to come over and take another look. When he got here, the temperature was 85 and the thermostat was set on 72.

He said he came prepared and handed me some folded money. He said, "Two nights, at the Marriott. They have elevators. Go and get out of the heat." I tried to not take it but I decided that it was a wonderful gesture and I would take him up on it.

The Marriott is booked tonight and tomorrow so I tried the airport Hilton. They had accessible rooms, a pool, and a jacuzzi. The total price - $299.17. I thought he had handed me at least $200 but when I opened the folded bills I saw he had given me $300. Awesome!

Amy and Isaiah have it much cooler in the basement but it will get hot in here tomorrow afternoon again. I said they could come over to the hotel in the afternoon and Isaiah could swim. He will like that.

Tonight, we're going to have dinner in Legends. Saturday night is seafood extravaganza. Unfortunately, Ron is allergic to seafood but I can eat it {grin}. He can eat something else. Sunday morning they have a brunch, so that will be good.

We'll check out Monday morning since Ron has a doctor's appointment on the west side of town. It should be very relaxing. I'm taking the laptop, though. LOL!

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