Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weight loss

I've been quietly working on losing weight since about April and I've managed to lose about 35 pounds - give or take a pound depending on water weight. I took Phentermine the first month (1 pill per day), then for the next 30 pills I took a whole pill every other day and 1/2 pill on the "off" days. The next 30 pills I'm taking 1/2 pill every day. The weight loss has slowed down some but I think it is better that I don't lose it too quickly.

I briefly saw XXX but then shot right back up to XXX. I’m sure it was a fluid thing and not a true indicator of weight loss or gain. I’ve been holding at XXX.6 for several days but this morning was XXX.2, so that was nice.

I’d still like to be under XXX when I go back to work but I’m really not sweating it. Whatever happens will happen. I’ve bought quite a few new clothes in a new size and they fit nicely – but they have to have a bit of stretch in the fabric to be comfortable. Amy brought me some Lee and Docker dress jeans in the smaller size and I was sure they would not fit, but they did. Woo-hoo! I bought both pairs plus another pair of Nicole jeans in the same size. They were all on sale and very comfortable so I was pleased. I’ve had to get one size larger in a couple of pair of jeans (Gloria Vanderbilt, but they run small) but that’s ok. I’d rather they fit comfortably than to worry about a size number. I don’t have many shirts that fit, though. One size is a bit too big but the next size down is just not quite comfortable in some areas. I like the looseness of the larger size in the body but some of them really look too big on my shoulders and stick out too far at the hemline. It’s a compromise no matter what size I get – I have to choose which part of my upper body is going to be comfortable and covered. My arms are the things that still give me the most grief. I know I need to do more with them but haven’t had the motivation to do so or a really good idea of what to do. I'm also out of ideas for healthy eating that I have time to prepare and that everyone will like - and within Ron's eating restrictions.

I might join our local recreation center ($35 per month for individual) and spend some time there exercising after work. If I don’t keep the membership past 2-3 months then that will still be a benefit. Just depends on if I use it enough to justify having it. They do have an indoor pool so that kind of has me interested in joining. I’d like to do some water aerobics and maybe that would help my knees and my left hip, which hurt all the time. I’m practically living on Aleve these days.

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