Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One doctor – good news; other bummer news

Today was a 50-50 day for news. Dr. Peterie thinks the wound is healing nicely and doesn't want to see Ron for another month. That's great news.

Dr. Heady did some cutting on the wound, just like the Home Health nurse predicted he would. He says that Ron really may need to have some more OR work done on it. He cut as much as he could without causing too much bleeding. He did have to cauterize it though. We go back next Wednesday (which just happens to be our 24th anniversary) to find out if more in-patient surgery is in the works. If so, maybe it can happen on the 22nd instead of the 27th. I don't really care about the 27th per se, but my birthday is the 29th and I'd just as soon not be at the hospital for any reason that week.

Ugh, ugh, and more ugh!

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