Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surgery a success!

Ron had his third - and hopefully final - surgery on his right foot yesterday. The doctor came out to talk to me afterward and said that everything went well and he's very pleased with the healing that has come about since the pacemaker was installed. I was relieved to hear that.

Ron got a spinal instead of general anesthetic so he recovered much quicker than last surgery. He couldn't go home until it had all worn off and he was able to use the bathroom. It took a while for that to happen but they finally discharged him around 4:00. It was a long day and we were ready to come home.

Ron wasn't in any more pain than usual last night, so that was good. The wound vac was making a lot of noise so I had to unwrap the dressing and add some more tape to it. I think it had shifted a bit and the connection wasn't as good, so the suction was not as tight as it should be. I got it to quiet down and then I added my special diaper-dressing to help pad the area.

To make the dressing I take one newborn diaper and gut it in half, front to back so I have two equal pieces. Then I take each piece and cut a circle out of the middle of it. LOL, you have to do this over the trash can because the dry absorbent material leaks out of it. I take those two pieces and layer them over the wound area and then take a second diaper and wrap the ankle just like a baby's bottom. I'm quite creative in my heel diapering. I figure if a diaper holds in baby mess, it can hold in ankle mess if it starts leaking. I've been using the diaper routine for several months and the nurses are all impressed. I do have to use tape to get the diaper to stay on the foot, but it's worth it.

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