Monday, August 11, 2008

More so-so news

The nephrologist's nurse called today and said she had the results from Ron's blood work on Friday. His calcium is back down (7.8 and should be 8.7-10.5) so they want him back on medication for that. He's also going on a Vitamin D-3 (it's a prescription strength) so they're calling that in for us.

His hemoglobin is 8.9 (it was 12 on July 14th and 11.5 when he was in the hospital) so he's going back on Procrit shots. They're increasing them from 10,000 units to 20,000 units.

His potassium is up a bit, but not in the danger zone. The increased Lasix should take care of that. He (we) just can't catch a break these days. We're still waiting to hear from the cardiologist.

The home health nurse says his foot looks better but she expects the doctor to cut some on it Wednesday. He's got a lot of macerated (wet) skin around the edges of the wound. That could speed up the overall healing or cause it to just get bigger. I don't know.

I'm tired of the whole routine and I know that he is, too. I just don't know what to change to make things better.

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