Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inconsiderate People

Yesterday between doctor's appointments Ron wanted to go to Golden Corral for lunch. I don't usually like to do buffet's (being on the "diet routine") but I caved and said I'd take him. When we pulled into the parking lot I noticed that all of the handicap spots were taken. I decided it must have been "Old Day Out" or something.

No big deal, I'd just park away from everyone else so I'd have room to lower the wheelchair ramp. I pulled into a spot with several openings on either side and figured that I was safe. I put the ramp in the up position to be considerate of others who might be driving by so they wouldn't have to do defensive driving to avoid it.

When we came back out the spot on the passenger side of the car was taken by a red Suburban. That would not have been so bad, but the driver pulled in at an angle and there was no room at all for Ron to even drive the scooter to the door to get in. I was livid. It's not like the parking lot was full and that was the ONLY spot the guy could use. Oh no -there were spots immediately to his right and several to the left of my car. I mean LOTS of parking spots.

I had to back the Explorer out into the parking lot so I could let down the wheelchair ramp and get Ron taken care of. I wanted to leave the idiot a note but I decided that would just make me look bad so I did not. But seriously, do people not have brains? If I pulled in a parking lot and saw a car with handicap tags and a wheelchair carrier I'd assume that someone in the vehicle was in a wheelchair and not park close. And I'd especially not park there if the rest of the parking lot was virtually empty.

So was the driver of the Suburban an idiot or just totally inconsiderate? That's hard to tell.

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