Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm angry...

Ron said that to me today and at first I denied it. I'm not angry in the sense that I walk around all day with an attitude, but I do have issues with inconsiderate people and little things set me off. I'm sure it's because I deal with the big stuff all the time and since I have no control and no choice, I have to deal with it. But, when something little happens - like someone cuts in line in front of me - that shouldn't shake my rafters, and it does - then I'm angry. Ron said I should see a psychologist.

No, I don't think I should see a psychologist. I don't need someone to tell me what I already know. I am angry at my situation and because I can't change my situation I'm not dealing well with other situations. I just need to have a different response to things.

Two things today, back to back, really ticked me off. I'd been saving this store bag for a couple of months because it had a $10 off coupon on it, or what appeared to be a $10 off coupon. I took the coupon to the store today because there's some hemp seed lotion I wanted there and it's $20. When I walked in the sales clerk asked if she could help me and I replied that I had this coupon to use but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. She informed me that it was only $1 off. The extra "0" was part of the word "off" and I wasn't the first person to confuse it. Well, if I'm not the first person - and I'm sure I won't be the last, that should tell them there's a problem with the coupon. I just walked out of the store. I'm not going to do business somewhere that has such tricky tactics.

I hadn't gotten over that yet when the next incident happened. Ron and I were waiting for the elevator to go down to the lower level and we'd stood there for quite some time. A couple and their daughter walked up to wait also. I know they saw us because the daughter came and stood by Ron's scooter for a minute and then walked back to her parents. As soon as the elevator door opened they scooted in, effectively making us have to wait again for the elevator. It's not like they couldn't have walked down the stairs that were right there. They had no physical restrictions - nothing like an electric scooter. I was so ticked!

About the time the elevator came back, another woman with a stroller started to scoot in and I just glared at her. I couldn't believe that she was going to have the nerve to actually try to take the elevator. It's a small elevator and Ron's scooter is big so there's no room for anything other than it and me. I wasn't going to stand idly by and have another rude person cut in line.

That's when Ron said I needed to see a doctor. I didn't find it amusing.

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