Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Alexander is so smart! We had baby gates up from the dining room into the kitchen and one from the top of the stairs leading down into the basement. Alexander saw us stepping over the gates and it wasn’t long before he was trying it. If he had been able to get his toe in the opening, he would have climbed the one going into the kitchen. One time, he dragged a chair to the stairs and was going to use it to climb that gate. If he saw us do something one or two times, he was trying to do it, too. He comes from a line of smart people on both sides, so it’s not surprising.

I think the funniest things he did though was to chase our dog through the house. She returned the favor by turning around and chasing him. If she went under furniture, like the dining room chairs, he also tried that. He got stuck a couple of times.

Isaiah sits on a tall chair at the counter to eat his meals. One day, Alexander decided he was going to climb it

Here is the result of that effort:

He was not too impressed with the fact that he was stuck and we were laughing. He didn’t hurt himself, so that was OK. I think Jenny posted some pictures taken at our house of him on her Facebook page.

Here’s one I took of him looking out our front door. Most of the door is frosted glass, but there are some little squares that are clear. The only ones he could look out of were down low.

He is sure a cutie. He caught me with the camera.

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