Monday, March 2, 2009

House is quiet

Jenny and Alexander left yesterday morning. Shaun was able to fly here from Norfolk on Thursday and then they all flew back home together. I was really glad that he was able to come here. Besides it being nice to visit with him, it was nice to not have to go to WA on Saturday and then back home on Sunday. As tired as I am without traveling, I can just imagine how bad I'd feel if I HAD traveled.

Once I got things picked up and put back in their places, it was so strange to not see toddler toys and things around. Alexander is a charmer and such a cutie. I miss him already.

We went to KC on Saturday to see my mom since Shaun and Keith hadn't been there in a while. One of my sisters, Michelle, came over, too. My mom has a "time out doll" that my sister, Kris, made for my dad several years ago. It's dressed in overalls and has a railroad hat on. Alexander was wearing overalls, too and we tried to get him to pose with the doll.

Michelle got a couple of decent pictures of him and the doll, but nothing great. In this one, he moved just as her camera took the picture.

My mom got a big kick out of him when he exhibited his temper. He wanted to get into the TV stand and take out her VHS tapes. We all said "no" at about the same time and he pretty much ignored us. Until his dad said "Alexander, NO!" very sternly. Then he clouded over and fell to the floor. He is quite dramatic when he doesn't get his way.

I know they're glad to be home, but I sure miss the little bugger. I'll have to make sure he gets to talk to me on Skype.

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