Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vicki update

Vicki had surgery on her hip and ankle last night. Elana (her daughter) said the surgery wasn't over until about 2:00 AM and they ended up having to sedate Vicki this afternoon to keep her from pulling out the tubes. She's all bruised up, but the "only" serious injuries she has are the broken bones.

She's quite heavy and since she'll not be able to put any weight on either of her legs for quite a while, I imagine she'll be in rehab for months. I'm not sure if rehab will be a nursing home or if it will be a rehab center. She's got a long haul ahead of her, that's for sure.

The specialist may go back in on Monday morning and actually replace that hip. He said it was shattered pretty badly and she may do better by having it replaced. She also needs one of her needs operated on (for a different reason and injury) so it would be nice if they could do that one at the same time. I know there is the concern that her body may not handle it well, but it would be better to do it now than to go back in six months or so and be out of commission again.

I'm glad Elana is able to be there with her. I know it's tough on her as she's a single mom (her husband died two years ago) with four children, she's working part-time, and going to school full-time. Dana, her sister, lives in Indiana and probably can't go to Florida for a while due to finances.

We can't go, and even if we could financially, there's no way I could take off that much time from work, Ron can't care for himself let alone anyone else, and I can't take on someone else right now. I did say that after she was done with rehab that she could come here and stay with us. I think she'd be good company for Ron and he'd be good for her. We'll see...

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