Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes, I wish...

There are times that I wish I could contact all of the people whose lives have been touched or in any way altered because they were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and met my husband. There are many that I know of, and more than I could even imagine of who I don't know.

Ron knew John McBride before he was married to Martina. Sinbad got his start in Wichita at a place called Mid-America Broadcasting Company. Ron was behind that company. There are Christian groups who have recorded in studios that Ron owned, some of whom never paid a dime to him for the use of his equipment. There are others who used his studio and the cost was absorbed by Ron. There are Christian musicians who learned many things from Ron - one is a bass player. There's another Christian group who benefited in some way from either Ron's talent or his equipment (I don't know for sure because I wasn't married to him then) and the only thing he asked for in return was the words and music to one of their songs so his daughter could record it. They never came through. I'm sure that some of the blessings some people received from Ron changed the course of their lives.

Sometimes I'd like to ask them to take the time to drop him a line, give him a call, or stop by. He often feels like he's fighting a losing battle with his health and although he's not giving up, he is pretty miserable and could use some cheering up. I think he'd like to know that he's not forgotten. His pain level and the tremors of his body are sometimes almost more than he can cope with. His hands don't work and he's very conscious of the fact that he's losing the ability to do more and more things. His foot may be healed, but it's only a small part of a body that refuses to function.

Although Ron's received blessings there are still sometimes that I think I'd like to see a bunch of people come together and let Ron now benefit from their success. That's very selfish of me but the human side of me sometimes still wishes that these things could happen. Just think how his life could be enriched if he had access to some of the things in life that would make his life easier?

Some may argue that I'm only thinking of myself. I would be lying if I said I did not think of myself. Selfishly, I don't like unclogging the toilet two or three times a week; I don't like the thought of him not being able to care for his personal hygiene needs. I don't like stressing over how the yard is going to get mowed, or how I'm going to get a retainer wall in, or how I'm going to get the fence put in, or who do I believe about the well and the sprinkler. Of course, having someone take that load off my shoulders would benefit me.

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Naimah Rasheed said...

Teresa, I am sorry that Ron is feeling down...and I am more sorry that those things have happened to him (the People that benefitted form him, have no use for him Now).

I am equally glad, that YOU are there for him....like a Loved One should be, and May the Blessings from THAT....start to trinkle Your Way.
Ron is ONE Lucky Guy to have YOU in his Life.....!!!!