Thursday, March 5, 2009

In retrospect, in hindsight, etc.

It is a new day and I'm focusing on keeping upbeat and "keeping the faith" that things will work out. One of my friends suggested I contact the appraiser's office and ask about a disability abatement for the taxes or specials. At first the lady didn't know what I was talking about when I asked and said our house was too expensive to be considered. She went on to say that it's reserved for people who have a permanent disability, such as amputation, confined to a wheelchair, or blindness - or something like that. I said that Ron had amputation, was in a wheelchair 90% of the time, and had become permanently disabled less than three months after we moved in. She said then I for sure should apply and directed me to a second number.

That person couldn't help me but directed me to another number, where I left a message. I haven't heard back from them but hope to tomorrow.

I sometimes wonder if I did know then the things I know now, if it would have changed the way I've lived my life. In some cases, yes, I am sure it would have made a difference. I would have still made mistakes - maybe just different ones, and maybe more serious ones. After all, we are all human and we are all going to make mistakes. It can't be helped. All we can do is to do our best to examine all of the issues, potential outcomes, and pray that we're doing what God would have us to do.

Some of the mistakes I've made were a direct result of wanting to have it my way, without thinking about the consequences. I would like to say that was years ago when I was a child, but I know that I've made many mistakes in my adult life. Other mistakes were because I "thought" I had all of the information when in reality, I did not. And even more mistakes happened because my lovely husband didn't listen to some of the advice he received and made poor choices. He's sorry for those now, but we're still "reaping" the rewards from those seeds we've sown.

If my children can look at the things that I've done wrong, and learn from them, then the mistakes will have been worth it. Every last one of them. If not, then I'm very sorry that I didn't set a better example for them to follow and I pray that they will forgive my ignorance and actions.

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