Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Removal

Between us, Ron and I have five children who live in this area. Not one phone call from the bunch of them to see if we could even get out of our garage.

One worked yesterday, one was in Hesston snowed in, one doesn’t work, another probably worked, and the last one never calls on a good day so why I’d think he’d call on a bad day is beyond me.

I think they all figure that since Amy lives here, she can do it. Amy is never home. When she is home, she’s sleeping or reading or doing homework. We haven’t really needed too much in the way of snow removal this year but each of the times we have, I’ve been the one to take care of it. Amy shoveled Isaiah a path to the bus one time.

Although I try to not let it interfere with what I have to do, I do have a physical disability (only one balance nerve that sometimes forgets to work) and I really have no business on ice. I’ve fallen in the past and really hurt myself (once required rotator cuff repair; another time broke my finger, sprained my ankle, and my hip). I fell off the stairs this morning and now my left wrist and ankle hurt. Not bad, but I’m aware of it. My back hurts from the activity. Not bad, but I’m aware of it, too.

I took pictures out the back but I didn’t take pictures out the front before I started working on it. Here are the pictures out the back.

These pictures I took after I’d already shoveled as much as I could. The tape measure shows how deep it was against the garage door, all the way across. This portion I didn’t shovel away. I only cared about getting what stays in the shade shoveled off. The rest will melt without any assistance. The snow on the steps was up to the level of the inside stoop. I couldn’t tell where one step ended and the other started. That’s how I fell. Got too close to the edge of one and fell the rest of the way down. Good thing there was snow on top of the ice.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon resting my poor, old, tired body.

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Rhonda said...

i love reading your blog...just found it....going to stay in touch....blessings, rhonda