Saturday, February 23, 2008

Doing well

DH had a very restful night at home. His fasting blood sugar was 97 this morning (much better than my 160) and two hours later it was 138 (to my 139). We had a biscuit (he had two) with a slice of cheese, scrambled egg patty, and beef breakfast "sausage" (which was very good). DH is a snacker. Before his two hours after eating was up he was wanting me to give him some sugar-free candy. I made him wait out the two hours so I could see what was going on.

Right now he's resting in the living room with his foot up. Youngest DS came over and brought a movie for them to enjoy. He's also going to work on my computer and hopefully the only thing wrong is the fan. {crossing my fingers on that}

My grandson was diagnosed with the flu yesterday so I really hesitated to bring DH home from the hospital. I had DD get everyone Tamiflu prescriptions so we could hopefully keep anyone else from getting sick. Right now he's asleep in my bed.

DD and I have some housework to do, laundry to finish up, and generalized cleaning. Yuck. I'd rather take a nap.

We had the visiting nurse last night come and do the IV antibiotic. I could probably do it myself but it has to be reconstituted so I'm not too comfortable with that. I am sure I could remove it and do the saline and heparin flush. The IV has to be given every 12 hours for 10 days. I know the nurse will have to stay for the AM dose as I'll leave for work before she even gets here. I will try to take care of the evening dose.

Monday morning DH has to go to the doctor for some blood work to make sure his potassium and creatinin levels are staying down. The kidney doctor was positively amazed at his recovery (he stopped just short of admitting it was a miracle). We have blood work Monday am, foot specialist Thursday am, family doctor visit on Friday (still have to make that appointment). My PTO is rapidly diminishing. I am going to see if there is anyone in our church who can take him to do the blood work and the family doctor as they're both local. The foot doctor is 30-45 minutes away so that's too much to ask of someone else.

I have some deadlines at work so having someone else share the load would be nice. I also have to figure out how DH is going to get fed while I'm gone. He's transferring better but still can't manipulate things in the kitchen well enough to not end up with his foot down. We'll figure it out though.

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