Friday, February 15, 2008

I want to swim with the dolphins…

Think about it – God’s beautiful creatures surrounding you in a body of water. They have a “sixth sense” about people who need emotional healing or protection. I’ve thought for years of just relaxing with the wonderful animals and letting my cares just drift away with them. It’s a very symbolic thought. I think to be surrounded by these majestic and gentle animals would be the most wonderful feeling.

My husband and I knew each other for 19 days before we got married. We met on a blind date through mutual friends and although it was not love at first sight, we both knew there was a special spark. He had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen (they’re still blue) and I remember when he took off his glasses that I thought I’d never seen anything more beautiful. I thought I could drown in them. Later that evening I heard him play the piano – not something fancy by Mozart or Beethoven, but just a simple melody that he had composed. DH does not read music but I could sit and listen to him play the piano or keyboard for hours. Unfortunately, his hands don’t work on the black and whites any more so I only have my memories of how relaxing it was.

We had a very small wedding at those same friends’ house and said we’d take a honeymoon some other year.

We’ve never been able to take that honeymoon. There’s always been some other crisis that we’ve dealt with so we decided that we’d do something special for our 25th anniversary. That will be in 2009 and I pray that we’re able to still be here and be together – and in good enough health to make it happen.

We’ve also not really had a real vacation. Yes, we’ve had pieces of trips here and there - camping, fishing, and a 4-day driving trip through Texas - but always counting the pennies or cutting it short because of money. We even tried to do Disney World one year. We took three days and stayed in a budget hotel, I pushed DH through the parks in a wheelchair (which was very difficult) and we took our youngest son. I have to say that none of us really enjoyed the trip and I don’t feel like I “did” Disney World. There isn’t any real handicap access to many of the rides and when the gate is open for wheelchair access, people just pushed us out of the way and ran past. I was very disappointed in how we were not helped as a general rule. DH decided to stay at the hotel the last day and let DS and I do the last park ourselves. Unfortunately, that would have been the park he would have enjoyed the most – Animal Kingdom.

So, last year my DD, grandson, and I joined my oldest son and his wife in CA to enjoy Disneyland. Grandson was too afraid of a lot of things but we still managed to have a pretty nice time. I’m just sorry that DH didn’t get to enjoy that trip with us. So, the plan was to go as a family – DH and I, son and his wife (and their little boy), DD and her son, and youngest DS. We wanted to be able to spend a whole week in Orlando – and do everything that we’ve not been able to do for the past 24 years (taking into consideration this year) but I’m not certain that will happen if things don’t change for the better for DH’s health. Also, now that he’s not working there’s the financial aspect to take into consideration. Even a “cheap” Disney vacation is not cheap.

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