Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not better, but not worse today

The hole didn't look any worse this morning, which is good. I would have rather that it looked better but no change is still OK (I think). We go back to the wound clinic in the morning so maybe they will have a positive comment.

I asked our primary care doctor to order a floor stand and trapeze to help DH get situated in the bed. I'm going go to the medical supply pharmacy and pick up a toilet grab bar ($45) and a bed rail ($65) so maybe that will also help him when transferring. I don't really have the extra right now but I'll make do somehow. God always provides!

It's Valentine's Day and lots of ladies at work are getting beautiful arrangements. While I don't expect to receive one, it's nice to admire theirs. The best gift I could get this Valentine's Day is for my DH to be healed.

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