Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tardive Dyskinesia or Parkinson's-like Symptoms

DH took Metoclopramide for years for his diabetic stomach problems. And, I do mean YEARS - maybe five or six. Metoclopramide was dispensed because it helped the gastric stasis he had. We were never told that it was only intended as a short-term drug - maximum of six months - until he developed Parkinson's-like symptoms and was referred to a neurologist.

The neurologist looked at his list of medications and immediatly stopped the Metoclopramide. He ran a couple of tests and said that he'd developed "intention tremors" or Tardive Dyskinesia. Stopping the drug wouldn't reverse the problem but it keep it from getting worse.

The list of my husband's medications for his various ailments is quite long and I frequently go online to check to make sure there's no new contra-indications or anything else I need to worry about. I found one today that makes my blood run cold...

Lately, his intention tremors have gotten worse and his body sometimes shakes uncontrollably. If he wants to write his name I sometimes have to hold his arm down on the table to make it so he's able to do so. He jerks in bed. He spills food down his shirts. He spills liquids when trying to take a drink. Some days it's worse than others.

As I was looking up the Metoclopramide lawsuit (I'm thinking about looking into this), I ran across another of his medications (Zypexa) that CAUSES THE SAME PROBLEM! He's been on Zyprexa for quite a while (don't remember how long) but discovered it's also a medication that's been linked to Tardive Dyskinesia. (There is also a class-action lawsuit involving this drug.)

Is this a coincidence? Are his symptoms worse because of natural progress or are they worse because he's on Zyprexa? I don't know but I intend to find out.

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