Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God is STILL in the miracle business!

DH did not lose his foot! He had infection to the bone, but not in the bone. His kidneys are still bad, potassium is fluctuating, but overall looking better. The surgery on his foot went well and as soon as the bleeding stops they’ll put on the wound vac. They’re going to put in a PIC line for IV antibiotics (he’ll have those for about 6 weeks). He’s full of whiz and vinegar and wanting everyone who comes in the room to bring him a cheeseburger. He did get to eat today but wants cheeseburgers instead of anything else.

He should move out of ICU tomorrow if his potassium goes down to normal.

Thanks for all the prayers! They’re working. There’s lots of people all over the country – and some in other countries – praying for him.

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