Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perfect size 9

I used to think that was *the* perfect size. It was in the single digits and something that seemed pretty unattainable. After all, I hadn't been a size 9 since middle school.

I see all these skinny girls (women) running around and I just can't help but wonder how I'd look that size. Then I remember "I was born that size" and realize that it's really not feasible for me to be that thin. I was thin once upon a time. Back in 1983 and 1984 I was a single mom and didn't have much money so I fed my children before I fed myself. LOL - then I married DH in 1984 and things (mainly my waist line and my hip size) changed.

I tell people that I really am a perfect size 9 - the left half of me is a 9 and the right half is a 9. Put them together and I'm an 18 but I can claim a 9.... can't I?

Lane Bryant came up with a new sizing chart. I guess they figured we needed things to be revamped. When "girls" go in to the junior sizes, they start over. When juniors go in to the misses sizes, they start over (sort of). So, it should stand to reason that plus sizes should start over, too. Instead of being an 18W (which I always *knew* stood for "wide"), Lane Bryant has deemed that it should be a "3." I think that 14 is the new 1, 16 is the new 2, and 18 is the new 3. I like the sound of "3" much better than "18."

Of course, I'd still like to be a size 9 - before I'm decomposing in my grave. LOL! I said one time when I was being really flip about my constant struggles with my weight that I was going to invent "The Perfect Size 9" alarm because, surely at some point during the natural decomposition of a body it becomes a smaller size. I decided that I'd have this alarm sensor programmed to announce when I'd reached my ideal size (in this case, size 9). The alarm would also have another part to it that would make the announcement at someone else's house. Then, at the appropriate time, the announcement recipient would have to exhume my casket and take a look - and appropriately exclaim, "Would you look at that? A perfect size 9!"

I know, that sounds a bit morbid but it was all in jest - really - just to show how ridiculous people can be about attaching importance to what size someone is (or isn't).

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