Thursday, February 28, 2008

Improvements in the “Tuh”

When Ron had his left foot surgery in 2006 we jokingly called it his “foo” (pronounced like “foot” but leave off the “t”) since he was missing the toe and arch portions of his foot. His right foot we referred to as his “tuh” since it included everything. So, now his “tuh” is slowly improving and the foot specialist was pretty pleased that it seems to be making progress. Dr. Heady had to just remove a tiny bit of tissue from the margin and that was it.

People have gotten a good laugh at us for calling his feet foo and tuh but it really helps keep our sanity and if you can’t laugh at a situation there aren’t too many other options. Humor is always best. Plus, it puts everyone else at ease.

Now when he says he doesn’t have a foot to stand on, he really means it!

His next appointment with Dr. Heady is next Wednesday in the afternoon. The IV antibiotics should end by then so hopefully we’ll be down to two home health visits per week (instead of seven) as the nurses in Dr. Heady’s office can reattach the wound vac after his appointment. I can see those savings start racking up!

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Anonymous said...

Lol this does crack me up but you guys are awesome in looking at it like this. Where would you be with out a sense of humor. I am so glad things are at last looking up for the