Sunday, June 14, 2009

The foot

The blister on Ron's heel looks about the same - no worse and no better. He has had some problems with bleeding so last night I put a band-aid on it. This morning, after his bath, I put on some gause and used wrapped it in a kerlix dressing. Then I put a sock on it to help keep the kerlix in place. I imagine that Dr. Heady will need to do some trimming on it tomorrow.

The worst part of this blister is that it's on the bottom of his foot - not the back. The bottom is the worst place that he could have an injury. He can't walk on his toes because of the foot-drop injury so his whole weight goes down on that blister.

I am not ready to start this whole process over again, and I'm sure that Ron is not either. He is really worried about his foot and his overall health. He does not want to lose his foot and that is in the back of his mind. He doesn't get up around the house too much and he does even less now. He can only stand up for about 10 minutes before his low back and hips just scream at him to sit down. He can walk from the car to inside the store (or doctor's office) but then must have a wheel chair.

I know that he is discouraged.

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