Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restaurant review: Hangar One Steakhouse

Ron and I tried out a new restaurant last night. It is called The Hangar Steakhouse and is locally owned. One of my co-workers had recommended it a couple of weeks ago and I was dying to take Ron there.

The decor is airplane-themed, with planes hanging from the ceiling, TV monitors on the wall showing airplane videos, airplane components as part of the entry, and other items. It was pretty busy, especially for a Wednesday.

We had lettuce wraps for an appetizer and then we each had the rib-eye steak. I had the vegetables and baked potato; Ron had a salad and baked potato. As soon as our waitress sat my plate down, I realized I had forgotten to say no seasoning. Most places use a salt-based grill seasoning and if I don't order it plain, I can't eat it. I was very surprised to discover my meat was perfect in flavor with no excess salty flavor.

The bread was a nice addition to the meal and tasted very fresh. We also splurged and shared dessert. Death by Chocolate cake (not your usual chocolate cake, this was very rich with several layers and then topped with chocolate chips) and apple pie ala mode. Very, very good.

The serving sizes were generous, the service was great, and the ambience was outstanding. We will return.

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