Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Movie Review: Up

Ron and I took Isaiah to see Up this past Saturday evening. Isaiah was excited and could barely wait for it to start. He enjoyed the 3-D previews for future releases and I see a couple more movies in our future.

The movie got off to a slow start, with him asking "when" Up would begin. It was hard to explain to him the premise of the beginning since it spans the time of Carl being a young child, growing into adulthood, marrying & losing his childhood sweetheart, and finally becoming a senior citizen. That was just too much for small children to take in.

Ron cried. The portrayal of that time frame was really very realistic with the true essence of what life and death, dreams and losing your dreams, can really mean. It hit home with him especially since he recently lost a family member.

The scrapbook of Ellie's adventures is really nice and I see that being a marketing item. In fact, I would buy one .

Isaiah cried at one point because he didn't want "Kevin" to be hurt. He had great big, sobbing sounds and I knew that others in the theater were looking at him. I explained that the bad guys never win and he he was happy.

All in all, the movie is great. The screenplay is very good and the voices really fit the characters. I would highly recommend this for all ages.

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