Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tammy's Place Blog Candy

Tammy's Place is a blog I found a while back and she's got great stuff on her site. Right now, to celebrate her one year anniversary of blogging, she's offering some great blog candy.

I haven't quite figured out how some blogs just grow and grow - and the readers multiply like rabbits. And then, I see other blogs that are pretty stagnant. I write as often as I can and I hope that what I write is somewhere above the "boring" line. Some posts are better than others, but truth in blogging is important.

My style of writing may not be as entertaining as some and when I read other blogs I sometimes think to myself, "why didn't I write it like that?" LOL! Maybe next time.

Maybe not...

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Pat said...

I feel that way, too, sometimes! I read other blogs and laugh my butt off, and then when I think my blog was particularly funny that day, I don't get too many responses. I guess I'm a legend in my own mind! LOL!

I also heard the key to good blogs is to write often. So there you go. Now what the heck can I write about next?

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