Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To thong or not to thong

When I was growing up, a "thong" was a rubber-soled shoe with a t-strap between the toes. Now that I'm an adult, the term "thong" has a whole new meaning but it's still a t-strap between two pieces of anatomy. What I'd like to know is who looked at a "thong" and decided that cloth made in that manner would be the next best thing in ladies underwear? I believe it must have been a man because I can't see a woman consciously making that decision.

In looking at children at play, have you ever noticed one who didn't try to remove offending articles of clothing from between the "cheeks"? Why then would those same children actually go shopping for aticles of clothing to put back there??? It is beyond comprehension how that could even be loosely defined as comfortable.

I'm all for no panty lines when I wear slacks. I've looked high and low for undergarments that don't draw attention to what I have on under my slacks and jeans. I wear longer tops to cover my rear but I'm not always successful in hiding things. I absolutely refuse to wear a "thong" so I won't have panty lines. I'm not about to trade lines for jiggle - because, yes... when you take away that piece of material that covers your cheeks, you have jiggle. No matter how small your backside is, moving causes jiggle. Even you skinny girls. Just because you can look in the mirror and not see panty lines does not mean that when you walk everyone else is not aware of what you're wearing - or not wearing.

If I put on a nice pair of slacks and a nice top, I don't want to draw attention to my backside. I don't want someone to look at me and say, "yup - there's a thong in thar." I want comfort and I want style - not being uncomfortable (don't want that floss in there) and not showing what I'm wearing.

Commando sounds pretty appealing....


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