Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scary time

Yesterday, Ron discovered how weak and vulnerable he is. He was going out the front door and Maisey was trying to get out. In order to keep her in, he hurriedly shut the door. As the door was latching closed, he realized that he did not have any keys in his pocket and his car was locked, thereby preventing him from opening the garage.

He toddled over to the neighbor's house only to discover that no one was home. After he rested on their porch for a few minutes, he slowly made his way across the street to another home. Luckily, that neighbor was home and saw Ron crawling up the porch steps and came out to help him. He got him indoors, fixed him a glass of ice water, tied his shoes (Ron can't tie his shoes because of his disabilities), and let him use the telephone to call me. With the heat index where it was yesterday, and Ron's overall health, it could have been a fatal mistake on his part.

I know that Ron was very shaken up by this experience. It was a lesson he'll not soon forget.

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Kathy's Klothesline said...

Hi, thanks for the visit. I saw your comment and scooted over to see you. I will come back soon and browse back through your posts to get to know you. I am glad that your neighbor was home and helped your husband. I once had to stop my car and breathe for my husband while I waited for an ambulance. I never want to do that again.....I think that in all my life I never experienced that kind of fear. Take care!