Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too good to be true…

When Shaun had to purchase his tickets outright to fly to N. Korea to meet his ship, he was told he could use the already purchased ticket as a voucher for ANYONE, at any time, during the next 12 months. The plan the was to use the money for me to fly out when the ship returned, and to either take Ron, Amy, or Isaiah. We decided I’d take Isaiah and then Amy will fly out at a bit later because she didn't want to take as much vacation time.

In the back of my mind, I was worried that it might be too good to be true. Turns out, I was right. Delta says that Shaun must purchase a ticket in his name – and THEN the remaining can be used as a voucher for anyone else. So, we found “fare deals” online for $59 one way. They won’t let the voucher be used for that. He has to purchase a full-fare ticket (in excess of $300 – that he won’t use) in order to be able to use the rest for someone else. Once he purchases a full-fare ticket, there's not enough money left to buy Isaiah and I each a ticket, and definitely none left over to put towards Amy's. None of us have the money to purchase tickets outright.

Shaun suggested turning the voucher back into the Navy and then asking for a reimbursement from them for the money he spent out of his pocket for the ticket to N. Korea. By the time that would happen, ticket prices will be out of sight and there’d be no way to do it anyway.

I’m disappointed but at least they'll be able to use the voucher when they fly home in October or November so we can all see the new baby.

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