Saturday, September 6, 2008

Foot update

Ron went back to the orthopedic surgeon today and he was very, very pleased with the healing. The deep tunnel is totally gone and the healing from the surgery is going great. He doesn’t have to go back for 2 weeks, which is awesome.

We’re very happy with that news. He will see the infectious disease doctor on the 10th and I'm hoping that he says he no longer needs to see Ron. I think that at the very most he'll only want to see Ron once a month now. Ron's still getting Procrit injections each week so I'm still hauling the scooter. The ramp helps but it's still very taxing on the body to load and unload it several times a day. It is time consuming to tie it all down in such a way that it doesn't bounce off. Now that we've had some rain I also have to be concerned about getting it covered to protect the electronics of it.

I'll be very glad when this stint is over and life gets back to normal. What ever that is...

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