Sunday, September 7, 2008

Retirement party

Thursday was Ron's official retirement party. He worked for Boeing/Spirit for 30 years and got a pretty good send-off from his co-workers. Even though he's been off work since the beginning of February, he hadn't really had the good-bye that he deserved.

I provided some pictures of Ron growing up, pictures of our wedding, him with the kids and with his grandkids, him with his dad and with his mom, and some of him with his first band. One of his co-workers put them all in a slide show with some little tidbits of funny things and then also added some photos of Ron doing various things at work and of his 25th work anniversary. It was very nice and he gave me a copy of it on a flash drive.

Someone also took pictures of the retirement party and added those to the flash drive. The group gave him a really nice mantle clock with his name and service dates engraved in it. The clock part is like a globe, with one side the clock and one side the picture of Ron's 25th anniversary at work. It is really nice and he appreciated it very much.

They had a nice lunch for him and a cake. All in all, it was a very nice send-off for him and he really appreciated it.

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