Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Medical updates

Ron's foot is finally - albeit slowly - on the mend. His appointment schedule is not as heavy now. A Procrit injection weekly, infectious disease doctor monthly, and orthopedic surgeon every other week is a big improvement over Procrit injection, infectious disease doctor, and orthopedic surgeon ever week. That's quite a savings on co-pays, too!

I just wish the wound vac was closer to coming off. That co-pay is killing me. The minimum monthly payment on is is $100 per month and as the amount we're responsible for goes up, the payment amount will go up. They will only give you 18 months to pay it off and right now I think our balance is around $2,000 and they have not processed claims for the entire period. I can only do what I can do though so if it takes longer than 18 months, then that's what will happen.

Oh well, such is life. Can't change what you can't change so just grin and bear it - and move on. That sounds like a good piece of advice to follow and I do my best to follow it every day.

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