Monday, September 29, 2008

I’m upbeat today…

I wore one of Amy’s dresses to church on Sunday. It’s not a style of dress that I would buy for myself but it looked OK. (It’s too big for her now and she has another like it but in a different color; she said I could have them both and I suppose they’ll be fine for church or something.) I had several people tell me how nice I looked. That felt good. One lady asked me what diet I was on because she wanted to try it, too. Ron said after church that he hadn’t recognized me at first. LOL – I haven’t worn a dress in five years. Of course, I’d also re-dyed my hair because it had faded so much and too much gray was showing.

Two ladies at work today told me how much smaller I’m looking. Yeah! That was nice. I have on another of Amy’s shirts today. It’s too big for her but that’s OK. She says I need to start replacing some of her clothes since I plan on staying this size. Nope – I do not plan on staying this size. I told her my goal was to get smaller than her current size. I need to lose about 34 more pounds to not be considered overweight. I am guessing that as of this morning that I've lost about 44 pounds (give or take a couple). Currently, I outweigh her by 24 pounds so unless she loses more weight I will get smaller than her. That would be a switch!

I don’t think she’s going to let that happen though. She said yesterday that she better get started on using the Ab Lounger again since it seems to be working for me. She sees me losing a few ounces a day and each of those ounces adds up to a pound or two here and there. Eventually it will narrow the gap between us even farther.

Amy came home from work this evening and took off the pants she was wearing and gave them to me. Too big for her = they fit me just fine. There's another pair in a different color waiting for me in her closet. Man, I love shopping in her closet for a change. One of the ladies in my group told Amy today how nice I've been looking. She said it was because I'd been stealing her clothes. That's not entirely true. I just started helping myself to her things this past week. Jeans mostly and a few tops. I definitely have more upstairs than she does so not many of her tops will ever fit me. Now, two dresses and two pair of slacks. That's fair for all the clothes and shoes she took from me growing up.


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