Friday, September 19, 2008

I was their age once...

And I remember exactly how I felt in a lot of situations but I hope I handled some of them better. In looking back, I can tell that I was probably not as nice in some situations as I should have been. I remember one person in particular and all I can say is - I'm really sorry, Imelda.

I was the whiz-kid, the golden child. I didn't understand why people who were the age I am now didn't "get it" as quickly as I got it. Why couldn't they find what they needed on the screen, or in the manual, or on the keyboard? It was right there - in plain sight - in black and white. What was the problem??? Why were they so slooooowwww???

The problem is that as we get older, our reflexes and responses to things naturally slow down. They were still working on the "old" way in their brains and trying to get wrapped around the new stuff was more difficult. I see this a lot with Ron in things. Even with the age difference between us, I can really see major differences in how we learn things. I really pray that I never made any of them feel inadequate or less than intelligent. I really pray that if I did that they forgave me for my stupidity.

Because I've gotten a taste of it in the past and I know how uncomfortable it made me. I hated to ask some people for help on some things because I felt very intimidated by the response. I could tell by the look on the face that I was dumb, I should not have been asking the question, and I should have been able to figure it out on my own. Sometimes I might have been on the right track and very close - but not quite there. Sometimes I was there but didn't trust my own judgment - and other times I was so far away that it would take a month of Sundays for me to get it.

I take consolation in the knowledge that they will someday be my age, too - and will have to deal with the new whiz-kids of the time. LOL - I can hardly wait. Oh... I'll be much older then so I doubt I'll care.

For sure, for sure!

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