Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So, obviously I can't tell time...

Ron's first appointment today was for 1:50. I had thought it was for 2:15 so I told him I was leaving work at 1:00. Once I realized it was earlier I called and let him know I'd leave work at 12:45 instead. There was no way I could drive home from work, get him and the scooter loaded, and then get to our destination, unload the scooter, park, and get into the office in 50 minutes -but leaving 15 minutes than earlier planned would do the trick.

I had two meetings scheduled this morning - one from 9:30 until 11:00 and then the second one from 11:00 until 12:00. The first meeting went late and didn't end until after 11:30 and for some reason I got the times all backwards in my head and decided that I needed to leave immediately to head home.

I walked in the door at 12:10 and asked Ron why he wasn't ready. He said I was early. I said I left work exactly when I'd told him I would. So as I'm rushing him out the door and getting things ready to take to the doctor I kept thinking about why he thought I was early and it wasn't making the connection. The neurons weren't firing. Thought processes were knocking but no one was home.

We're about half-way to the doctor's office and he said something about I interrupted a show he was watching. I said it should have been over by the time I got there and then it hit me... I was an hour early. Ugh! Can't show up to the office that early because they're out for lunch until 1:00 and at the rate I was going we'd be there about 12:45. It's not an easy process to unload and then have to reload the scooter so I suggested we go to lunch at the hospital across the parking lot from the doctor's office. That worked out well for us.

Only problem with my lack of time-telling abilities is I now have to re-work my time sheet and lose an extra hour of pay for the week. That's an expensive lunch...

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