Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New doctor appointment

We had to go see our family physician today so Ron could get a referral to a neurologist. His tremors have gotten to the point where they're near constant and totally interfere with his life. He has trouble playing the bass and that is really bothering him. Other than the tremors, he's doing well. Dr. Alvarado said he looks better than she's seen him look in months. That's saying something because she thought he was dying in July.

We have to wait until October 23 before the neurologist can see him. That's a long time and I know they're busy. But, that totally sucks because the tremors won't go away on their own. He can't check his blood sugar very well because he shakes so badly that he can't get the lancet to draw blood and then once he's bleeding he doesn't get the strip to suck up the blood. Dr. Alvarado gave him a new tester and strips to try. He can test on his arm or his leg and maybe that will be easier for him. We'll just have to see...

We also want the doctor to give him something for his memory. We'd like for him to retain what he does have left. He also got another prescription for his pain medication patches but in a higher dosage. He has no pain control at all right now and that's bad. I'm not sure she got everything covered in the visit but he always has so much that it's tough to get it all taken care of.

On the plus side, he's lost some of the weight he had gained when he was in kidney failure so the kidney doctor should be happy when we see her on Friday. Dr. Alvarado gave me a great compliment - she said I looked fantastic and to keep up the good work. I weighed on her scales and I've lost 43 pounds since January. Not bad... Too bad I had gained some in the last couple of years and then I wouldn't be literally starting all over.

That's life - I just have to make sure that I continue to lose and with the mindset that I currently have, I don't see that as a problem. I'm really focused on not gaining any weight and I fuss over a few ounces.

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